Rules for posting

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Rules for posting

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All the information shared on the forum are provided ‘as is’. We makes no representation that any of the material provided on this website does not or will not infringe any patent, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary right. The entire risk as to the use, quality, and performance shall be with the user and not the forum owners.

When posting messages, we ask you to use proper grammar and spelling and to clearly state your question/intent. Posts that do not increase the added value of the discussion may be removed at our sole discretion (e.g. replying "+1", "up" or "me too" to messages). Commercial posts, or links, that are unrelated to the topic of the forum will be removed as well.

Always remember that questions are answered by volunteers who are not paid to do so. Proper grammar and use of the search engine will be your friends to get more reply to your posts. Flame-thrower wars, insults, and bad behavior will not be tolerated.

If we believe your post better suits another category than the one you initially posted to, we reserve the right to move your post. In particular, I created the forum with a minimal number of categories and will create categories as topic emerges over time. I will then moves posts related to that specific topic for clarity.