Rules for submitting work/improvements

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Rules for submitting work/improvements

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The Pulsar Engineering is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote science through open-hardware instruments. As a consequence, the "open-source" concepts are an essential part of our work.

We strongly encourage people to share here their own modifications/improvements of our projects. Modifications are licensed per the terms of each projects (e.g. OpenRAMAN is licensed under CERN OHL-W v2 license). Modifications can be uploaded on the forum as .zip archives containing the STEP/PDF files for hardware or as git patches. Modifications cannot include proprietary/closed-source elements (including patents).

Decision to include or not the changes to the projects official websites is at our sole discretion but you are always free to create a fork on your own website at any time. We do this for two reasons: (1) to maintain conceptual integrity of the complete packages, (2) to assess quality & bug proofness of the submitted modifications.

When submitting a modification/patch, always make a detailed description of what your improvement addresses. Posts that do not contain enough descriptions or that may be harmful to people without stating explicitly the risks will be removed. We also ask you to prove correctness of your work through testing (short experimental report for hardware or unit test for software). Repeated submissions of modifications that are not tested will be considered as a form of spam and will be moderated.